We build things that make life easier for people in the music world.

It's annoying having to keep track of all the latest trends and platforms in music. That's why we exist. This summer we're launching a membership that will build and curate the best products, services, and experiences the music industry has to offer.

Drop your number here and we'll keep you posted on the launch.

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Here's some info about our founders Michael & Matt.

Michael lived in a Bed and Breakfast in California then moved to New York to go to college and be a recording artist. Matt grew up in New Jersey and went to New York for college then got into the media world. Then Matt had the idea for Treble and crossed paths with Michael shortly after throwing up a landing page and scouting for ambassadors. Then Michael joined the squad and they launched Treble with the help of some awesome people and built a strong community of kind people in the music industry. Now they want to build more stuff that helps people find their way forward in the music space.

Here's some examples of recent projects that connected our community to brands and music companies

Next Up

Summer 2021

We're launching a site that connects people in the music world to mentors. If you want to signup to be a mentor, click here.
We're launching an NFT fund with Prager Metis called Meta House to develop and amplify NFTs in our virtual venue. Soon we'll be taking applications to fund NFT projects.
We're launching the Northstar Membership to build and curate the best products and experiences in the music world in one bundle. Signup for the waitlist below :)